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The Turkish Barber, Kuafor offer so much more than a haircut.

mahmutlar barber3

Don’t be put off the idea of a cut throat razor, the traditional Turkish shave will give you a perfectly clean cut and smooth face, free from razor burns, cuts or nicks. It is a quality shaving experience that allows you to relax, unwind, chat and socialise.

mahmutlar barber

This use of a sharp open blade, luxurious cream and uniquely Turkish expertise leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

mahmutlar barber2

After this thick traditional moisturiser is applied

Hot  towels are then laid on your face for steam to let you skin breathe and rehydrate.


Often a facepack is offered and a tea or coffee completes the experience.

There is always time for a relaxing head massage as you listen to the casual buzz of conversation round you.

mahmutlar coffee

Going to the Barbers in Turkey is never a 5 minute job.

You will find yourself wondering where the last few hours went while feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.




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