Alibaba Şarküteri – A Wholesome Organic Deli in Mahmutlar


This is a new business in Mahmutlar offering a full range of healthy organic food personally sourced by the shop’s owner.

Its not just a shop, its also a meeting place and an opportunity to taste produce before you choose to buy. Sit down and chat, enjoy a coffee and find out about cheeses, the olives and the meats hand picked for your enjoyment.

Some nights there’s a real gathering and, thanks to the talented young assistant working in the shop, we are treated to beautiful music while we explore the shop and its various products

This is the first shop Mehmet as opened but he is passionate about it. His quest came from the birth of his son, Alibaba and a desire to feed him healthy food without chemicals, colours and additives. He plans, if all goes well, to open additional shops in town so there is an Alibaba close to everyone.

Mehmet wants the shop to grow naturally, just as its produce, he wants to meet new customers and find out what those more discerning and health conscious consumers would like to be able to buy here.

But first, lets introduce Mehmet – and the most important person here – dear little Alibaba – 100% organic baby.

Now we will have a guide of the produce currently in the shop but remember new lines are being introduced every week so keep popping back to this page for updates

First Olives, Stuffed Jalepanos, Peppers and Chillis.

Here is the first of our mini movies giving you a guide of the produce in the shop. At the moment it is in Turkish but we will get the movie translated soon.


Now we learn about the CHEESE. All organic and the range is extending everyday. The shop now stocks blue cheese, danish cheese and cheddar cheese.

There are some great information pins relating to Turkish Cheese and some great recipe ideas on our PINTEREST BOARD follow the link.

But PLEASE read on as we shown you all around the shop yet!

Dried Fruits, Chilli and Patlican (aubergine or eggplant)

The shops has a good stock of dried produce including some of the tastiest dates you have ever eaten. Find out more ….



Are all the products sourced locally?

The products come from many villages across many regions of  Turkey and are selected by the owner according the cleanliness of the production and packaging and the quality of taste. Hygiene is extremely important because the food is not subjected to hot temperatures and additives to increase its shelf life. For that reason milk in the shop is not organic simply because it is important to pasteurise milk to ensure it is safe to consume.

Different cities provide different specialities and tastes and so the stock in the shop comes from many different localities. One thing you can guarantee is its taste and its authentic organic origins.

Beautiful Organic Honey – different flavours and textures

You can buy honey on the honeycomb or in jars.

You must remember though that this honey does not have a long shelf life. It should be eaten and enjoyed as fresh as possible so that you benefit from the vitamIns and natural goodness that is contained within it.

There is one word of warning from Mehmet, however …….Please do not use his honey for make up – please eat it!!!

Pomegranite, lemon juices, vinegars and sauces

All the sauces in Alibaba’s are organic and there is a wide range of choice available. We loved the pomegranite sauce, so sweet and a wonderful addition to a crisp green salad.

In the large chiller you will find organic olive oil, tomato salsa, yoghurt and milk. There is also the choice between unsalted or salted organic butter.

And so we have introduced you to ORGANIC MEHMET.

A man with a mission. The above introduction is just the starting point. He has big plans and this page will change, week by week, month by month until he achieves his dream.

Coming soon – the very best Turkish Delight you have ever eaten. Watch this space – good things are coming.