The leather industry in Turkey needs no introduction because of its rich leather heritage. Turkish leather has a legacy of hundreds of years and has been flourishing since then.


Today, Turkey is one of the biggest producers of high quality leather products in the world. It is mainly known for processing sheep and goat leather, which takes it to the second position in Europe after Italy.


MAHMUTLAR-LEATHERThe Turkish leather industry has years of experience in leather processing and it gets this exceptional tradition from its historical past.

The history of leather in Turkey goes back to the 12th century. Later in 1453, Turks conquered Istanbul, a place with plenty of water and favorable for leather tanning. Therefore, after conquering Istanbul, the Sultan set aside this place for leather industry.

The first leather industrial area was established in Kazhcesme.

MAHMUTLAR-LEATHERToday, Turkey has 13 industrial leather zones which use modern technology and produce high quality products. Turkey holds the fourth place after Italy, China and India for being the biggest producer of leather.


Besides, Turkey is the world leader in production of fur with a processing capacity of 80 million units yearly. Tuzla, in Turkey has become the biggest industrial leather sector in Europe.




Quality is their most crucial aspect. Hence, the products that are exported by the country are manufactured with minute detailing.


MAHMUTLAR-LEATHERLeather products have always been considered as one of the most outstanding items in the world. The leather industry in Turkey outshines the others because of its unique quality of the raw materials and its production process.

The processing procedures are very difficult and require great care, time and labor to obtain a suitable material, from the raw animal skin to produce leather products like clothing, shoes and other goods


The other important trait of the leather processing industry in Turkey is that the production is carried out in European standards and eco-friendly advanced methods are utilized. 70% of the leather produced in Turkey is made using environment friendly methods.


mahmutlar-leather7The Turkish leather processing industry has some advantages in international market because of its organized industrial sectors and eco-friendly technology.

Besides, with flexible production capacity, it produces high quality products.


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