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Jimmie Black Rock & Blues Bar in Mahmutlar



This LIVE MUSIC VENUE is undoubtedly the best in town. It is open ALL YEAR ROUND and during the high season there is a range of different live bands performing each evening from 20.30 until midnight

where to find Jimmie Black Rock and Blues Bar and Restaurant

Jimmie Black’s is located on Western edge of Mahmutlar on the main Barbaros Street.

Here is an easy map to help you find us.

jimmie blacks open all years round

Even in the Winter there is plenty of variety of performers, besides which, the owner of the bar, JIMMIE BLACK is always available to perform. Jimmie is one of the best performers in the area having studied in America and bringing the first rock and blues venue to the town.

Summer Season 2017 was an amazing year for the Jimmie Black Bar but 2018 is already much better,

Jimmie didn’t disappoint when he said he would have an even better mix of musicians in 2018 with only the very best of the best guests from 2017 invited back to play

And look here is the NEW JIMMIE BLACK BAND for 2018



This band and is going from strength to strength. They are afforded scope as musicians to improvise with unrehearsed, spontaneous solo performances without restraint of backing tracks and any narrow expectations from their audience. This makes every night different and exciting.

If you want to see how each musician contributes to the overall performance watch this video. Every band member has their own solo performance.



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Jimmie Black Live Recordings



Jimmie Black Rock and Blue Bar and Restaurant

You can follow Jimmie Black Rock and Blues Bar on Facebook by clicking the link below, but please come back to us, because there is a lot more information to come here as well.

There is a full kitchen and a resident Chef in place throughout the year so you are welcome to come early, eat, relax and enjoy the music. Or come late and grab a snack to keep you going.

Here is a sneaky preview of some of the great food you can order at Jimmie’s




Jimmie regularly takes the stage for solo performances and he never disappoints. His enthusiasm and talent leaves you completely lost in his music.

It feels like every performance, for him, is the performance of his life and he loses himself until there is just Jimmie, his guitar and you his audience.

He never fails to amaze us whether he plays solo or gigs with another artist he is undoubtedly what makes Jimmie Black Bar and Restaurant the very special place it is.

His attention to details with sound systems and top class speakers and amps mean that even the heaviest rock classics are melodic and easy on the ear.

If the bar only featured Jimmie’s musical talents it would be more than enough but Mahmutlar residents and visitors are treated to a wide range of specially selected performers to compliment the resident star of the show. Mr. Jimmie Black.


A look back at  Jimmie Black’S LINE UP 2017.

Shamans made their debut performance in Mahmutlar in Jimmie Blacks during the high season. Jimmie Black Bar was the first to showcase this great band and they have become very popular in the town.

This group of musicians have played together for many years and their performances are smooth, classy and polished.

Think Dire Straits, think Floyd and think of many of the classics you have longed to hear since your teens and most of them will, at some time be covered by this group at some point.

The chief played for 10 Sunday evenings through the Summer in Jimmie Blacks. He was also the star of the show at Jimmie Blacks Christmas Eve Party

With his unique character and stage set you would be forgiven for thinking you were suddenly transported to the wild west.

His music doesn’t disappoint as he plays old blues classics and rock favourites from way back when.

THE CHIEF is a very talented star who takes his performances extremely seriously.


This is a very different band who have recently been on the Mahmutlar circuit for the past year and have been playing in Jimmie since the late season of 2017.

They sound so good in Jimmie’s Bar as they are able to access quality amplification and mellow microphone tones. Its great to see them in the spotlight to showcase their theatrical performances of hill billy blues music.

Once they have warmed up we are treated to some acrobatics as they play while climbing on their instruments, twisting and turning and entertaining the cheering crowd. Full marks for orginality, which is what is making them an increasingly popular band in the area

JIMMIE BLACK’S STORY – ‘Jimmie BLACK’ is the stage name of Cüneyt TAYBOGA.

Cüneyt is a professional musician with 30 years in the business as a rock guitar virtuoso and singer.

He was born in Izmir in Eastern Turkey in 1979. His musical career started with a keyboard when he was 7 years old. He was introduced to an electric guitar when he was just 9 and has now reached his 30th year in the music industry.  

His formal musical education started when he was 10 years old . He had private music lessons and he went on to attend the Conservatorium of İstanbul University for Licence Education.

He then followed his masters education in Berklee College of Music Los Angeles CA. for two years.

He lived in the United States for a total of 7 years then returned to his homeland of Turkey working in the musical industry as teacher , studio recording musician, producer and live performer ….

Jimmie has been living in Mahmutlar ALANYA for 12 years and has performed in many venues in the city of Alanya.

Jimmie had a dream which he has spent 25 years dreaming about and planning for. In February 2017 that dream became a reality. It was the start of Jimmie’s very own Rock and Blues Bistro Bar in Mahmutlar.  

The bar has been open now for one year and is unique. With live performances every night, a professional kitchen and excellent staff Jimmie has taken the concept of live music to another level. This is not a restaurant with live music.This is a live music venue with food.  

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