Izzy’s Restaurant and Bar in Mahmutlar Centre

Izzy’s has been the most popular bar and restaurant in Mahmutlar for longer than 10 years and one of the few original bars, set up when the town started expanded, still open and thriving.

It is now a very successful Turkish/Irish partnership and offers a homely, welcoming and warm atmosphere.

It attracts a great mix of nationalities and is particularly popular with the ex-pat community from many countries.

Izzy’s is always busy and on live music evenings you may struggle to find a table.

Izzy’s has a superb local reputation for the quality and quantity of food served. They have sustained this high reputation for many years.

There is a wide range of options on the menu including some specials for the ex-pat community needing a little taste of home on occasion.

This includes ‘proper’ fish and chips where the fish is all white meat, the batter is cripsy and fluffy.  The chips are just as they should be, deep fried until golden brown with soft centres. Sooooooo tasty.

Izzy insists traditional cooking methods. You won’t hear the ping of a microwave defrosting or heating up your meals.  There is a huge charcoal oven in the kitchen and the chef ensures that everything is cooked from scratch to order. It really doesn’t come fresher than that.

The meat dishes are excellent as well with prime cuts of beef and the chefs own home-made gravy which is outstanding. Our favourite is sizzling beef, enough to make you drool just thinking about it.

Then there is steak and kidney pie …..

Your biggest problem will be what to choose for your main course, then do you want creamy mash, roasties, or home-made chips? No wonder the place is always full, everyone is trying to eat their way around the menu so they don’t miss out!!

We  haven’t started looking at desserts and coffee yet!!!!

But talking of drinks …….

Izzy has a superb wine collection for you to choose from, the restaurant has a great supplier and you will see wines here not available in any other place in the locality.

WINE at Izzys Bar and Restaurant on We Love Mahmutlar Website

Ask Izzy to talk you through the wines so that you choose the perfect one for your taste and budget.


The routine in Izzy’s is dinner service is calm with music suitably low so guests can chat and eat their meals in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

After 10 the tempo is raised so that those who like livelier entertainment, music and dancing can let their hair down and enjoy themselves until that boring clock strikes 12.

You are guaranteed to be smiling and feeling happy at Izzy’s. It is just that kind of place. Be sure also to listen to the Irish when they take control of the microphone – such amazing singers – will often bring a tear to the eye.

You have a great choice of entertainment throughout the season including regular live music night, special events and a high standard karaoke session  supported by the resident singer Karen Kar, who is also a partner/owner of the business.



IT’S KAREN OF COURSE – YOUR HOST only right and proper that she should be first –  this one is on Facebook as well so you can like and share  


Elaine sings Adele.

Love this next one – makes us feeling warm and fuzzy!

Izzy's Live Music Evenings in Mahmutlar - karen and Friends

Up Next – what a duo – like they have always sung together – this guy needs to spend the Summers in Mahmutlar.

Izzy's Live Music Evenings in Mahmutlar - karen and Friends



These guys are wanted …… unless they brought the fish bowl back already

Another beautiful Irish Voice, Elaine sing ‘The Rose….’

Another video from this talented young man on holidays here in Mahmutlar

more tomorrow, sorry to keep you waiting

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