Fresh Produce and Farmers Markets in Mahmutlar


Mahmutlar is surrounded by large areas of farmland, banana field and mountain villages where the most amazing fruit and vegetables are grown.

Virtually every day of the week there are street market with fresh produce for sale and on the weekend the big Saturday market is held in the town’s market square.

Everyone, locals, foreign residents and visitors flock to this market and stock up with the tastiest fresh fruit you could ever hope to buy.

The prices for in season fruits are very low and there is no excuse for you not to be eating your 5 a day.

we love mahmutlar market2REMEMBER;

Choose fruit that is in season, its tastier, healthier and cheaper

Choose ugly fruit – they are the tastiest fruit of all

Enjoy a tasty gozleme, like a big pancake, as you walk around the market – sooo nice

we love mahmutlar market2

If you want to try some specialist Turkish cheeses this is the place to do it as most vendors will let you taste a selection so you choose the right one for you.

Location of the TUESDAY MARKET in MAHMUTLAR (turn at JJ’s restaurant)

location of the saturday market in mahmutlar (turn at the clock tower)

location of the friday market in kargicak (just befor sunset residence at border of kargicak and mahmutlar)


Then you will love;

Alibaba Şarküteri the New Organic Deli in Mahmutlar  follow the link  to find out all about it. The story of this exciting shop and details of its produce will be featured throughout the next few months.

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