Fashion Boutiques in Mahmutlar

Turkey’s Fashion Industry

Turkey is a country that enjoys diversity in its culture and heritage. The country has a secular status which has allowed for rich diversity in flourishing fashion trends.

The strong economy and youthful population has contributed towards the boom of fashion industry. The youth prefers new trends over antiquated attires which has allowed the emergence of a blossoming fashion industry in the country.

Istanbul is the hub for fashion growth. Manufacturing and export of clothes are increasing.


Famous international brands like Next, Marks and Spencer’s, Burberry, Hugo Boss and a lot of others are now being manufactured in Turkey.



We all love to shop and you really don’t need to go to Alanya or Antalya to find great fashion choices.

There are many clothes shops in Mahmutlar offering cheap summer outfits for tourists and designer labels at a fraction of the prices found in Europe but only a few fashion stories offer pieces of real quality.

Our FEATURED FASHION STORES are all about buying good quality brands at reasonable prices.

For 2018 we are currently featuring two great fashion shops in Mahmutlar/Kargicak.

Both are located in the shopping centre alongside the  Lumos De Luxe Hotel. Just outside Mahmutlar border in Kargicak.


Our main feature page for 2018 is;


Sharm Boutique, Lumos Delux Hotel Shopping Mall



It also rivals many of the quality Alanya stores.

If you are looking for on trend clothes, made with beautiful fabrics at a great price then Sharm Boutique offers just that. An exquisite collection of womens’ clothes, of a quality rarely seen in the town.

Each item is handpicked from Istanbul and selected for their quality and style. You will find designer brands, Italian designed outfits, leisure wear, beach wear, day and evening wear..

Our feature page for Sharm Boutique offers regularly updated video and photos so you can preview new stock and new season arrivals.

Head over and bookmark their page by clicking the link photo below and enjoy  browsing before you visit.



Other clothes shops and boutiques in Mahmutlar


For sport and leisure wear, summer outfits and holiday wear we can direct you to another shop just a few doors up from SHARM BOUTIQUE called


DENIZ BUTIQ, Lumos De Luxe Hotel Shopping Mall Kargicak


Here you will find an abundance of quality mens’ and womens’ low cost Summer fashion clothes ideal for holidays and times when you want to be more casual.

Check out some of their range of items and names below.

We will be adding photos regularly so keep popping back and checking – or better still why not go down and meet the boys and have a look in person.

One thing we know – you will always find a warm welcome at Deniz Butiq and a great range of clothes to choose from.

Our featured Fashion Stores are all about buying good quality brands at reasonable prices.


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