Coffee Shops, Bistros, Cakes and Pastries

Turkey’s thriving coffee culture may date back centuries, but you won’t find grand old coffee cafes in Mahmutlar and Alanya that you sometimes see in European cities. The coffee shops here are new, modern and a mixture of large chains and small businesses which often struggle to find a regular and loyal clientele

Sitting down for coffee in Turkey, however has remained the social ritual it has always been.

Espresso has replaced much of sugary Turkish coffee and international coffee chains have introduced the concept of the  “grab and go” coffee culture.

Some coffee shops double up as restaurants and will serve alcohol.

They offer a range of snacks and food, rolls, simit and pastries

Here is a list of some of the Coffee Shops you will find in and around Mahmutlar. The list will be added to.

Cafe Creme Mahmutlar Bld., Mehmet Çakır Cd., No: 13, Alanya, Antalya
Çıtırım Pastanesi Barbaros Caddesi 101/B 07450 Mahmutlar, Antalya, Turkey Mahmutlar
Hanci Pastaneci, Mahmutlar Mahallesi, No :, Menderes Blv. No: 8, 07460 Alanya / Antalya
Hanci Pastanesi Mahmutlar Mahallesi, No:, Barbaros Cd. No:230, 07460 Alanya/Antalya
Hookie Dookie Hookah Lounge Cafe & BarCumhuriyet Mahallesi (Barbaros Street) 07450 Mahmutlar
Melissa Patisserie Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd. 158, 07460 Alanya
Mis Kebab Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd., 07460 Alanya / Antalya
Mis Simit Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd. 158, 07460 Alanya
Roberts Coffee now changed to Da Vinci Restaurant Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd. No: 92, 07460 Alanya / Antalya
Retra Bistro and Cafe - Not open at present Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Barbaros Cd. No: 134, 07460 Alanya / Antalya
Yemen Coffee Shop Mahmutlar Mahallesi D-400 Karayolu Üstü No:69, 07450 Alanya/Antalya
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