Beach Bars and Restaurants – Kargicak to Kestel

We are blessed in this area to have a promenade running from as far as the outer edges of Kargicak right through to Alanya.

Nestled along this beautiful walkway is a rich variety of beach bars and restaurants all offering something different for their guests and visitors.

There is something for everyone right there on the sand and near the water.

Most bars close for the Winter but there are some that stay open and offer sheltered spaces to enjoy the beach with the protection from any adverse weather.

Our tour of the Beaches and Bars begins

starting with selected Kargicak Beaches

lux beach club

Lux Beach Club and Restaurant is a brand new beach club built which was built during the Winter and was ready for opening in May 2018. Lux Beach has its own Feature Page which is currently being compiled and will be available soon. You will be able to learn about the Beach Club, its menus, special events and promotions. Watch this space! Full details soon 



King Neptune Beach is a very friendly beach bar with customers who have loyally visited every year for many years. New customers are made to feel very welcome and it is a great location for families as it is set off the road. It is very clean, has a great beach menu and a large shaded terrace so you can watch the waves crashing on the shoreline throughout the Summer and in Winter. We have watched and shared our best storms at King Neptune Beach.

King Neptune Beach is a no fuss, happy and relaxing bar. You can just make yourself at home and join the family. Access is really convenient as you can park off road in the car park right outside the bar. 




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