Emrah Şanlı, SANLI 07 PANJUR

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Emrah Şanlı, SANLI 07 PANJUR

You never know what is going to happen when you wake up in the morning. But today was all about windows.

Our patio door glass smashed and we needed it fixed, and we needed it fixed quickly.

Emrah Şanlı, SANLI 07 PANJUR

First we rang our Top Trusted Tradesman, Fatih Durusoy, Protekno  who is always there to help us when we have a crisis.

He knows so many local people and is so kind to give of his time to help solve problems for us.

Today he introduced us to his friend Emrah Şanlı and assured us he would be able to sort everything out.

Well it was an amazing service from a really helpful and professional glass expert who managed to measure up, supply the new double glazed unit and fit it securely all within 7 hours.

When he said he would be at the villa in two hours he was there.

When he said he would come back at 16.00 he came back at 16.00.

When he said he would come back with the glass at 20.00 he came back at 20.00.

Within half an hour the old glass was removed and disposed of safely and the new glass fitted.

Outstanding service. Thank you very much to Emrah and Fatih.

Emrah can meet all your glass and window needs including security shutters, balcony systems, mosquito nets, shower systems as well as broken window panes.

We can say hand on heart his service today was excellent and we can highly recommend him to others.

Telephone 0537 571 90 08