RED VEINS; getting rid of them once and for all at Kim Golden Spa, Kargicak

I think I have already told you about my annoying red veins, well I had a second treatment this week and have had many more removed. I find them ugly and very ageing so was delighted to find someone who could remove them without me being bound up in bandages in the middle of August or worse actually scarred.

We managed to film the ones on my noses being removed.

You can watch the magic – I just can’t believe they have gone!!! I am so happy.

I also had more red veins removed from my cheeks but it was hard to show you that as Kim’s hands needed to be just where the camera was positioned and it was an awkward angle.

The next few days after the treatment there was some dead cells on the surface of the skin. They just washed off to reveal clear skin underneath. No pain, no bleeding, no scabs my skin was just a little blotchy for 36 hours and then that …. was that!!

Good bye red veins.

Good riddance I say!!!!

Did it hurt – no it actually made me sneeze a couple of times but the sensation was more of a warm tingling sensation, not pain.

If it had hurt I would not have gone back for more!!!

Check out the video – no camera tricks


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